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Last Day of School Change (Snow Day Make Up)

As you’ve been reading in the Eagle News Weekly, we’ve had 12 snow days and only 9 of them have been forgiven causing our school year to be extended 3 days to Monday, June 17.  While there is a slim chance the Legislature will agree to forgive more days, I have discussed this matter with union leaders in the District due to concerns of conflicts with summer activities.

With that said, we have agreed to make up one of the snow days by having a full day of school on Friday, April 19 (Good Friday) which will allow the school year to end on Friday, June 14.  While this may be relatively short notice, it is my hope the community will understand this change was in response to expressed concerns.  You’ve been so gracious and understanding throughout the winter.  Thank you!

I want to extend my appreciation to the union leadership in making this mutual decision in consultation with membership and the administrative team.  I am thankful for the input of department directors and other individuals who provided perspective.

In conclusion, we will have a full day of school on Friday, April 19 (Good Friday).  If your child will miss school that day, please follow the routine practice of contacting the office of the school your child attends.

Our school year will now end on Friday, June 14.  

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