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2019 Reading Millionaires

We would like to congratulate and celebrate the accomplishment of our Reading Millionaires! Students in grades 3-8 can keep track of their word counts. As we wrap up the 18-19 school year, it is always fun to see how many students can accomplish the difficult task to read at least 1 Million Words to become a Millionaire.

Here is the list of students who have read from 1 Million to over 5 Million Words!


Alivia Drent (OMS)
Alizay Pummel-Stone (OUE)
Zackary Pickett (OUE)
Ethan Nuell (OMS)
Arianna Skoug (OMS)
Madison Babinec (OMS)
Kaelinn Jozsa (OMS)
Bella Bowen (OUE)
Drake Bucholtz (OUE)
Alexa Gonzalez (OUE)
Amaya Anderson (OUE)
Leo Evans (OUE)
Ayden Tebar (OUE)
Logan Raugh (OUE)
Faith Meyers (OUE)
Weston DeWeerdt (OUE)
Gracie Ritchard (OUE)
Fynnlay Hanks (OUE)
Rylee Vanderputte (OUE)
Chase Quillin (OUE)
Hunter Johnson (OUE)
Jayce Hughes (OUE)
Cole Posthumus (OUE)
Gracie Willea (OUE)
Malia Anderson (OUE)
Tayia McCollum (OUE)
Michael Hruskach (OUE)
Bryce Falbe(OUE)
Violet Oudsema (OUE)
Avery Willea (OUE)
Christopher Neuman (OUE)
Alizae Ames (OUE)
Jordan Sutter (OUE)
Aalyssa Stone (OUE)
Emily Hullett (OUE)
Richard Kosheba (OUE)
Jade Rodriguez (OUE)
James Brewer (OUE)
Molly Smith (OUE)
Kylee Willea (OUE)
Kaylee Smith (OUE)
Emily Plouhar (OUE)
Aubrey Murray (OUE)
Hailee Bevins (OUE)
Alec Moore (OUE)
Maycen Williamsen (OUE)
Grace McCauley (OUE)
Cole Wigger (OUE)
Madison Bowen (OUE)
Emerson Whipple (OUE)
Aiden Barnes (OUE)
Willow Six (OUE)
Dawson Duron (OUE)
Christopher Dwyer (OUE)
Keishla Rosa (OUE)
Boaz Leiter (OUE)
Alayna Weiss (OUE)
Ella Sparks (OUE)
Taylor Cummins (OMS)
Alex DeNio (OMS)
Nolan Landheer (OMS)
Landon Prater (OMS)
Haley Seewald (OMS)
Katelyn Utzinger (OMS)
Gracelyn Woodard (OMS)
Riley Ruel (OLE)
Carter Morse (OLE)
Alison Masterman (OUE)
Ayanna Pruett (OUE)
Leroy Thurman (OUE)
Landen Bargman (OUE)
Athena Wei (OUE)
Branden Tengler (OUE)
Anthony Simmerman (OUE)
Riley Smith (OUE)
Joslyn Giddings (OUE)
Quetzali Perez (OUE)
AJ Downey (OUE)
Evan Jozsa (OUE)
Robert Wei (OUE)
Ashley Brown (OUE)
Phillip Wymer (OUE)
Olivia Rivenbark (OUE)
Bryson Stephenson (OUE)
Lynzie Rose (OUE)
Jackson Dobry (OUE)
Isobella Wisniewski (OUE)
Courtney Bowen (OUE)
Drew Babinec (OUE)
Laci Donner (OUE)
Gavin Miklosovic (OUE)
Anna Bushman (OMS)
Mackenzie Haase (OMS)
Lila Chistie (OMS)
Arturo Romero-Serrano (OMS)
Jullianna Eller (OMS)
Ellie DeWitte (OMS)
Riley Dodge (OMS)
Ricky Rettinhouse (OMS)
Clayton Frees (OMS)
Carly Morse (OMS)
Kaylee Hoeker (OMS)
Gabriel Hancock (OMS)
Adara DeWolf (OMS)
Memphis Foster (OMS)
Michael Thompson (OMS)
Rhiannon Tindall (OMS)
Avery Ely (OMS)
Jacklyn Wei (OMS)
Grace Latsch (OMS)
Logan Stone (OMS)
Madison Clark (OMS)
Jaylynn Smith (OMS)

2 Million Words:

Braxtyn Jarvis (OLE)
Xavier Johansen (OUE)
Krystina Pagel (OUE)
Athena Wei (OUE)
Brett Kroll (OUE)
Kylee Jewett (OUE)
Logan Braley (OUE)
Fischer DeLora (OLE)
Kayli Edmond (OMS)
Cooper Grimm (OUE)
Grace Kroll (OUE)
Jorgia Maitland (OUE)
Lane Raap (OUE)
Jason Sheaffer (OUE)

3 Million Words:

Abigail Medendorp (OUE)
Cara Morse (OMS)
Cyra Sweet (OMS)

5 Million Words:

Landon Veldman (OUE)

Please congratulate these students if you see them!



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