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There is no shortage of school rating websites or dashboards on the internet trying to make money off casual observers.  But, there is only one official Parent Dashboard for schools in the State of Michigan.  It is www.MiSchoolData.org.  

What is the Parent Dashboard?

It is a new information tool designed to easily provide information on multiple school-level factors. The Parent Dashboard provides viewers with a way to see information on their local school, to see how other schools compare, and to inform conversations with your children’s teachers, principals, and other school staff.

Each school’s dashboard includes contact information and a link to the school district’s website, where you can get more detailed information about the school’s programs and policies .

Who created the dashboard?

In 2017, Michigan’s State Board of Education called for a parent-friendly dashboard that can show a more complete picture of school performance. Their request came after thousands of Michigan stakeholders asked for information about schools that was easier to understand and that relied on more than just state test scores. The Michigan Department of Education (MDE), in collaboration with the Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI), developed the new dashboard for parents and other caregivers who are interested in learning more about schools at the building level. Parents and other people interested in education played a big role in the planning and design of the dashboard throughout the process. Parent and educator feedback will continue to be gathered and used for future phases of the dashboard.

How do I get more detailed information about schools?

From the Parent Dashboard, there are links to much more in depth data and information about a variety of things local districts report to MDE and CEPI.  For example, Early Childhood, Special Education, Attendance, Enrollment, Financial Information, Assessment Data, Staffing Information, and even Post Secondary data are all available from the site and more.  

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