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Chromebook Access

Dear Oakridge Parents:

A concern has recently been brought to our attention regarding students using their school-issued Chromebooks to access social media websites at school. Since this is the first year of issuing Chromebooks to each of our middle school and high school students, we are learning about the best methods to manage and improve the educational experience as we move forward.  Parent feedback helps us do that.

With that said, Oakridge students and staff are fortunate to have high speed access to the internet at school.  It is a rich resource that schools are becoming increasingly dependent upon for instructional, business, and communication purposes.  Our internet has filters in place that are compliant with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA).  While our filters block inappropriate content, parents should know that filters are not 100% effective.  Also know that social media is not necessarily considered inappropriate by CIPA nor the District but parents are able to request that social media sites be blocked on their student’s individual Chromebook. If this is an action a parent would like taken, please contact your school office and make this request.  We should note that these restrictions will only be applied to your child’s student issued Chromebook. Additional restrictions on personal devices (phones, home computers, etc.) are the responsibility of the parent.  

There is certainly a level of responsibility when technology is made available to our students in a classroom setting.  Teachers review the Education Technology Acceptable Use and Safety Policy with students prior to students and parents signing the Student Education Technology Acceptable Use and Safety Agreement Form.  Responsible use of school technology falls onto the student guided by teachers and parents. This is why we appreciate parent concerns, so that we can build a better learning environment for our students. Our teachers have been equipped with a software application that allows them to monitor student usage while in their classroom.  We do our best to monitor student internet activity so kids are focused on educational use.  We encourage parents to partner with us on this effort.  A copy of the Student/Parent Chromebook Handbook can be found on our website, here.

Please continue to share your feedback with us.  We value parent engagement!   

Thank you,

Tom Livezey

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