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End of School Year – Message from the Superintendent

Dear Community,

The last day of school is always eventful for staff and students alike. The joy of seeing our graduates take their next step to college, military, or the workplace is so fulfilling for parents and educators alike because of the memories and experiences created over the years. I personally shared one of those ‘goose bump’ experiences that teachers are fortunate to experience often.

This school year, I participated in the Kid’s Hope mentoring program by spending almost an hour every week with a 5th grader simply helping him with homework, discussing what is happening in his life, and just encouraging him. I even played video games with him. I called it career preparation because he wants to be a gamer and try virtual reality and, well, it was fun. I encouraged him to explore the new and very popular Computer Coding course that the Board of Education recently approved for the High School next school year. He loves music and math. He beamed with pride when I came to his band concert to watch him play percussion and meet his mom and dad.

Here is the ‘goose bump’ part. At the end of the year, I asked him if he was excited about summer expecting to see a big eager smile. He said, “Not really, I’m bummed because I’m not going to see you. We’re going to do this again next year, right?”  Frankly, he asked me that no less than 6 times before the last day of school and his mom even mentioned it when I asked her permission for this article. Getting a kid to talk to his parent about school things is a big deal!

This is where I think I learned more from Carlos than he learned from me. Yes, our mission is to prepare kids for college and the workplace, and we will. But, it is the relationships built along the way that create enduring positive memories. This is the Oakridge experience! I am proud to be a small part of this experience in partnership with staff and community.

So, my encouragement to the community as we enter summer is…relationships matter. My time with Carlos matters. The time you spend with your own child matters. If you have time to invest your time into any child, the return on your investment will be priceless.

Have a wonderful summer!

Tom and Carlos

Tom Livezey


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