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High School/Middle School Remote Learning Extension

Keeping students and staff safe and healthy while teaching and learning is our top priority as we endure the pandemic.  Balancing the learning needs of our students appropriate for their age and risks of spreading COVID is essential as we rely on Public Health and MDHHS guidance.  Today, there is yet another change announced.  MDHHS Director Robert Gordon alongside Governor Whitmer issued an MDHHS Epidemic Order.  The order prohibits schools from conducting in-person instruction, sports, and extracurricular activities serving pupils in grades 9 through 12 until Christmas Break, except for in-person instruction of pupils who are English Language Learners (ESL) or participants in special education services.  Additionally, the order permits in-person child care programs, tutoring and academic support, and services to students in need, including food distribution, access to internet connectivity, physical and mental health care services.  Accordingly, Oakridge will adapt our plans as stated below.

Oakridge Secondary Plan – Remote Learning

Because our middle school and high school are so interconnected with staff, students, and facilities, Oakridge will be continuing with our current Remote Learning Model in grades 7-12.  Here is the Remote Learning schedule already announced for Oakridge Middle/High School, including FUSION, that now extends until Friday, December 18.

The MS/HS building will remain open to students in grades 7-12 who may not have access to the internet at home, need a comfortable workspace, or need extra support services from staff during this remote learning period.  

If parents send their HS/MS students to school, they must check-in at the main office of the building they attend.  We’ll sign them up for a FREE lunch and direct them to a supervised area in the building.  You may call the HS office at 231-788-7300 or MS office at 231-788-7400 with any questions.

Buses will run their normal secondary routes on a two-hour delay in the mornings on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and will depart the MS/HS Bus Loop at 1:00 pm to bring students back home.  Again, students must be at their normal bus stop two hours later than their regular pick-up time and the bus will stop to pick you up!  Call the Transportation Department at 788-7113 with any questions.  

Oakridge Elementary Plan – Hybrid Learning

Our elementary buildings will continue with our in-person Hybrid Learning Model.  

Our Hybrid Learning – Cohort Calendars are still available on our website.  We will continue to follow the cohort schedule on Hybrid Learning days.

Same Safe/Health Protocols

Cleaning/disinfecting protocols will continue as scheduled every day of the week in all buildings. Masks and social distancing will be required at school.

Oakridge Teen Health Center

The Oakridge Teen Health Center remains open for their regular services and hours.  The Upper and Lower Elementary behavioral health sites remain open for in-person and telehealth services.  Please call or visit our website to schedule.  

Food Services

Separate communication will be issued for foodservice plans.  

SXI, ECSE, and GSRP Continue In-Person Learning 

The SXI Programs at the Middle School and Lower Elementary buildings and the Early Childhood Special Education Program and GSRP Program at the Early Childhood Center will continue their in-person learning.  Program staff will communicate with these parents in more detail.   

Boys and Girls Club

Remains open.  Staff will communicate directly with students and families who participate.


Thank you for your continued understanding and collaboration.

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