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HuffPost Sr Editor Visits Oakridge

Oakridge High School students had an amazing opportunity last week to meet Nick Baumann, Senior Editor for HuffPost. Because of the relationship OHS has with Close Up, the MAISD chose Mr. Wood’s classroom for this opportunity to have Mr. Baumann visit Oakridge. Mr. Baumann was invited to Muskegon by the Muskegon Center for Genocide and Holocaust Studies to dedicate the new downtown MCC campus.

Nick Baumann holds a BA in History from Yale University. He is a highly-recognized journalist worldwide writing for publications such as the Washington Monthly, The Atlantic, Slate and Commonweal. He runs Slaybook. He has blogged for the Economist, and was Senior Editor at Mother Jones Magazine.

Mr. Baumann spent 90 minutes with OHS students on Friday, and covered a wide array of topics. His grandparents’ experience as Jewish refugees in WWII, his life as a successful journalist and editor, as well as issues surrounding our country and the world. OHS students had the opportunity to ask questions about current topics like DACA, Charlottesville, the FBI and North Korea. Students asked personal questions about tips to having a successful journalism career, and the Holocaust.

This was an incredible opportunity for our high school students to take part in, and we are incredibly grateful to be chosen for this visit. We are especially grateful for the time Mr. Baumann took to visit with our students.

Nick Baumann Visits OHS

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