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Memo on Snow Days – 2021

Covid-19 has stripped away so many childhood traditions and caused great stress and hardship on your families.  Instilling hope and positivity in you has not been as easy this year while we tried to keep you safe and healthy through each of our learning models.  I know you love ‘snow days’ and taking them away is just not in my heart.  Oakridge will maintain the ‘snow day’ tradition for all students if adverse weather conditions make it unsafe to transport students to school or staff to commute to work.  If a ‘snow day’ occurs, you will still hear my voice around 5:30 AM telling you to “stay safe, stay warm, and stay home”.  You and the staff will not have official teaching and learning expectations for the day.  You will be encouraged to bake, watch a good movie, play a board/card game, and maybe even participate in a snow day challenge.  It will be a time to build some positive memories with your family after you sleep in.  

If you want a snow day, I advise you to do the following prior to your desired snow day:

  1. Put a spoon under your pillow.
  2. Wear your pajamas inside out and backward.
  3. Flush an ice cube in the toilet for every inch of snow you want.
  4. Shake a snow globe every time you pass one.
  5. Eat ice cream.
  6. Run around the dining table 5 times then go to bed.

Having said all that, our staff have proven our ability to innovatively and quickly prepare for remote learning for you.  Should extended adverse weather conditions occur causing repetitive ‘snow day’ conditions, we may announce remote learning expectations that are appropriate for the circumstances.  You are asked to continue to bring your Chromebook or iPad home daily.  A ‘snow day’ would even be a great opportunity to catch up on unfinished assignments in Schoology, Google Classroom, or OOLA.  

Lastly, a ‘snow day’ will not occur on a Wednesday because students nor staff are required to come to school.  Wednesdays will stay remote learning days until we are in-person learning 5 days a week.  

Let’s hope for a safe and healthy Michigan winter!

Tom Livezey

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