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More In-Person Days Coming to Oakridge Students

Yet again, I want to thank all the parents in this community for your support, grace, and flexibility.   Enduring the challenges of this pandemic has not been easy on you.  But, together, we will continue to keep kids and staff safe and healthy while teaching and learning.  

With that said, I am announcing that the Oakridge Board of Education has unanimously decided to transition to a 4 day per week in-person learning model for elementary schools to begin on Tuesday, February 16.  They also decided to transition the middle and high schools to a 4 day per week in-person learning model to begin on Monday, March 1.  Wednesdays will remain “remote learning days”.  This decision does not impact students participating in the Oakridge Online Learning Academy (OOLA).

More communication will be forthcoming with additional details from buildings.  But, I wanted to let parents know so you can plan your family schedules accordingly.

Lastly, I want to publicly recognize the Oakridge Board of Education for their professionalism as they reviewed data, research, and logistics of multiple scenarios on how to safely increase the number of in-person days of school for students.  They modeled what listening and respect to each other can look like when deliberating with people who have different ideas and views on topics of public interest.  They did not stop their discussion until every voice was heard and they reached unanimous consent on their decision.  This value is not always displayed by public officials.

I am thankful to work for a school board that values this respect for one another.  As January is Board Member Appreciation Month, consider reaching out to them to say thanks for their leadership.  It is not easy making decisions on topics with such diverse public views.  

PS: A quick reminder for our elementary families.  Tomorrow, Friday, January 29th will be a half-day.  Dismissal for Oakridge Upper Elementary will be at 11:40am and dismissal for Oakridge Lower Elementary will be at 11:55am.  The Oakridge Early Childhood Center (GSRP) is a full day as already scheduled.

Tom Livezey

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