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Mrs. Cantu’s Day on the Roof

Why was Mrs. Cantu (OUE Principal) on the roof reading all day today? As part of the Book It Principal’s Challenge!

OUE students challenged their principal to spend a day (from the first bell of the day to the end of day bell) to read in the location they choose. Students chose the roof of the upper elementary as their challenge location, and Mrs. Cantu accepted the challenge. While the Michigan weather was very unkind on this particular day, Mrs. Cantu could be seen all day with her blankets and book in a tent with a big smile on her face waving to people as they entered the building.

Thank you, Mrs. Cantu, for being such a trooper all day, and for your love of reading! (Even when it started to snow….)

Mrs Cantu Reading on the Roof Mrs Cantu Reading on the Roof Mrs Cantu Reading on the Roof

The Book It Principal Challenge is organized to celebrate National Young Readers Week (November 6-10), and has been happening since 1989. The event is co-founded by Pizza Hut and the Center for the Book in Library of Congress.

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