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Oakridge Teacher “Stayer” Rates Far Surpass State and National Averages

Recent media coverage about teacher mobility and attrition rates have prompted conversations in local communities across our State and Nation including Oakridge.  A White Paper from the Michigan Department of Education in September 2017 reported a national average of  83.5%-84.5% of teachers were “stayers” in the same district year to year for the three time periods studied between 2004-2013.   State of Michigan teacher “stayer” rates were reported lower at between 80.2%-82.5% for the four time periods studied between 2004-2017.  

We have studied our own Oakridge teacher “stayer” rates.  An average 96% of Oakridge teachers stayed at Oakridge from year to year over the past 10 years.  

While 100% teacher “stayer” rates are great to aspire to…educators, like most  professions, have aspirations for professional advancement of their career or a better fit for their family life.  We support our employees in these aspirations.  Annually, we’ve had an average of 4% of our teachers retire, change professions, hired to be teachers in other districts closer to their home, hired to be consultants at the Muskegon Area ISD, and even hired to be an administrator in another district.  Having said that, a 96% “stayer” rate is very good, especially when compared that to State and National averages.

There is legitimate concern about the educator pipeline decline at State and National levels largely due to “education reform” policies legislated that have contributed to a reduction in career interest for the education profession.   Oakridge is fortunate that a relatively high rate of our educators have stayed at Oakridge to work with our kids and our community.

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