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Return to School 2020

You’ll find all of our back to school pages, enrollment sites, FAQs, and information linked from this central page.



Before sending your child to school, please perform this checklist every day. This will help keep all students safe!

Public Health – Muskegon County has created the COVID-19 Return to School Parent Toolkit (Updated 8-20-2020) which serves as a guiding document for parents. This document answers questions from exposure protocols, spread risks, school proceedures, and much more. If your child develops symptoms of COVID-19, this Symptoms Flowchart can help guide you.

The World Health Organization produced this video with instructions on the proper fit and process for wearing a facemask. Spectrum Health has a resource center for parents with videos and downloadable materials as well.


Back to School Plan: This document is our full plan for back to school, including hygiene, sanitation procedures, learning models, and more.

Back to School FAQ: Here we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions.

Student Device Support: If you’re having trouble with your student’s Oakridge- provided electronics.

School Calendars: Calendars for both staff and students can be found here.

OOLA Information: Information regarding the Oakridge Online Learning Academy can be found at this link.

Learning Models: If you’d like more information on our approved learning models, this is where you’ll find it.

Enrollment: Parents are asked to update their student’s enrollment information each year, and the process can begin here.

Parent Schoology/Google Classroom Support: These video resources allow you to follow your student’s learning as they attend school and learn in a partially-virtual environment. We also have a PDF guide for Schoology parents.

Transportation: You can reach our Transportation office at (231) 788-7113

Contact Us: If you have a unique question and can’t find an answer here, you can always email us. Or if you prefer, below are the websites and phone numbers for each school building.

GSRP/Early Childhood Center: 231-788-7157

Oakridge Lower Elementary: 231-788-7600

Oakridge Upper Elementary: 231-788-7500

Oakridge Middle School: 231-788-7400

Oakridge High School: 231-788-7300

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