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School Safety Drills Today

Hello, Eagle Nation –

Throughout the school year, each building conducts a minimum of 5 fire drills, 2 tornado drills, 3 lock-down drills, and 1 AED drill.  Drill dates are scheduled at the beginning of each school year. Today the Lower Elementary participated in an unannounced drill. This is NOT in response to any threat. In a lock-down drill we lock all entries to buildings, classroom doors are to be shut and locked, and the hallways are cleared. Staff will guide their students on what to do and where to go during this time. First responders have participated in prior emergency drill procedures with us.

We had originally had planned a large-scale drill for the Middle School & High School that would include a first response team on site to administer the drill. Given the heightened concerns as of recently, we have decided to postpone this drill to a later date.

As difficult as it is to imagine these scenarios taking place within our schools, we must prepare and practice our procedures even in times of elevated national concern.  We are very proud of our staff and students in how we prepare for these drills. Each time we learn how we can become more effective during these drills, as well. In the future, we will be enhancing our drills to be more “scenario based”.

We encourage parents to talk to their child about the importance of school safety in an age appropriate way.  Our teachers will do the same.

Thanks for your partnership in education and safety.

Tom Livezey

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