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State of Michigan launches Parent Dashboard

As a parent, do you ever wonder:

  • How well is Oakridge Public Schools helping students achieve state standards?
  • How many instructional staff per student does Oakridge Public Schools employ?
  • How many Oakridge High School] students graduate within 4, 5, and 6 years?
  • What is the attendance rate for students at Oakridge Public Schools?

Parents and other caregivers of a school-aged child now can easily find answers to these questions and many more through one user-friendly online tool. Michigan’s new Parent Dashboard for School Transparency (or “Parent Dashboard”) makes it easier for parents to see many types of information about any public school in Michigan, including public school academies (charter schools).

The new dashboard is designed especially for parents and other caregivers. It will report on more than 20 different factors—or measures—that parents and other stakeholders have said are important to them when evaluating the quality of a school. Families and others can use the dashboard to get a more complete picture of how their child’s school is serving students. You also can use the dashboard to compare a school’s performance with the average performance of other similar Michigan schools.

To access the Oakridge Public School’s Parent Dashboard: go to MISchoolData.org/ParentDashboard

The new easy-to-use Parent Dashboard:

  • provides one easy location where parents and caregivers can view building-level information and data
  • can be accessed on any computer or mobile device
  • includes a tutorial video that can help you navigate through the various types of information available
  • offers a more balanced picture of school quality, since it contains information about more than just test scores

Information in the Parent Dashboard:

  • comes from data that are already collected from schools
  • can be viewed for a whole school, or viewers can dig in deeper to see performance for certain groups of students
  • can inform decisions and encourage richer conversations about school progress—with students, with other parents, with school leaders, and within communities
  • complements other state accountability tools such as the School Report Card (required by federal law), financial data reporting (required by Michigan law), and other state, district, and building reports (MI School Data)

We encourage parents to check out the Oakridge Public School’s Parent Dashboard, and tell us which measures excite you most. We also want to know where you think we need to improve.  Equipped with this information, we hope to have richer conversations about our school and its students.

The new Parent Dashboard is a “living tool” that will continue to add information and adapt to meet parents’ needs. Parents and others are invited to send feedback to MDE-ParentDashboard@michigan.gov.

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