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Technology and Security Millage Annual Accountability Report

On February 25, 2014, voters in Muskegon County said YES to a one-mill property tax increase to improve technology and security within Muskegon County’s neighborhood public schools.  Voters agreed that today’s 21st Century students must have secure schools and strong technology skills in order to compete in our global economy.


The Technology & Security Enhancement Millage is the first of its kind in Muskegon County.  Although funds flow through the MAISD, school leaders and elected school boards of education have complete control and oversight of their expenditures.  Over the next ten years, this funding will pay for:

  1. New and upgraded personal learning devices
  2. Security upgrades, including added cameras and single, secure points of entry
  3. Expanded training and support for teachers
  4. Improved technical support
  5. Maintaining infrastructure to accommodate multiple learning devices
  6. Sustaining and maintaining current technology

Oakridge Public Schools is very fortunate to be able to benefit from this funding source.  Oakridge has vowed that these funds will be supplemental funds that move this district forward in the areas of technology and security.  These funds will not be used to supplant general fund expenditures.  We will be good stewards of this revenue and invest it wisely as we improve the security of our schools and provide relevant learning experiences that prepare children for life filled with technological innovation.

Listed below are the annual  Technology & Security 4 Students – Accountability Reports.   They provide a summary of expenditures in all public schools in Muskegon County.

Thank you for your support of Oakridge Public Schools.  These resources will make a difference for our students.

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