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Oakridge Safely Removes Asbestos

During the summer inspections and maintenance work on our heating system, we discovered our tunnels in the South Carr Building and the Second/Third Grade wings at the Lower Elementary were dripping wet due to failures in steam traps and fissures in pipes. While these pipes can be replaced relatively quickly, these areas have asbestos insulating the pipes and contractors cannot enter the tunnels to fix the pipes prior to abatement. Therefore, we have secured a certified asbestos abatement vendor to remove all asbestos from these tunnels so we can fix the pipes and steam traps.

Important Info:

  1. Oakridge Lower Elementary will be closed from Monday, July 29 through Wednesday, August 14 and the Carr Building will be closed from Monday, August 5 through Wednesday, August 14.
  2. No members of the public and no staff will be permitted to enter OLE and Carr during these above times. All exits/entrances of each building will have “DO NOT ENTER” signs posted for the duration of the work.
  3. There are strict laws in place governing how asbestos must be handled. Environmental quality tests will be required at the conclusion of the process before staff and student occupancy is allowed.


We are fortunate to have discovered this issue during the summer when we have the luxury of time without students/staff in the building. We regret the inconvenience this may cause staff getting ready for the new school year. However, we’re thankful we’re able to do this work during the summer while we remove all asbestos from our tunnels and replace failing pipes that will be needed to heat classrooms this winter. As student safety continues to be our top priority in all we do, this abatement will not impact our school year and will not impact students in any way.

To “keep students and staff safe in facilities that are of proper quality” is one of the primary goals of the Oakridge Public Schools Strategic Plan. We’re always working hard to ensure your student receives the best education in the best facilities possible.

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