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Toys for Tots School Spirit Challenge

When Mrs. Jackson signed her SXI Special Education class up for WZZM13’s School Spirit Challenge Toys for Tots drive, she and her class expected to deliver 100 toys. The students of Oakridge and the Eagle Nation community donated 186 toys to the challenge.

On Dec 15th, two of Mrs. Jackson’s students and teachers got on a bus, and drove into Grand Rapids. They were met by WZZM 13’s Aaron Ofseyer & Catherine Behrendt to collect the Oakridge donation. Both of whom took the time to thank our students.

Mrs Jackson's Class Toys for Tots Toys for Tots Toys for Tots Toys for Tots
Loading the bus with all of the toys to be donated

Toys for Tots Toys for Tots
Heading to Grand Rapids with so many cool toys to donate

Toys for Tots Toys for Tots Toys for Tots Toys for Tots

The toys have been delivered and are ready to be sent to Santa to share! 


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