Annual Reports

We are pleased to present you with the Annual Education Report (AER) which provides key information on the 2015-16 educational progress for the Oakridge Public Schools and our buildings.  The AER addresses the complex reporting information required by Federal and some requirements of State laws. Our staff is available to help you understand this information.  Please contact Pollie Gilchrist, Director of Academic Programs for help if you need assistance at (231) 788-7111 or

Oakridge Public Schools
17-18 District Cover Letter
Oakridge Public School Annual Education Report

Oakridge High School
17-18 High School Cover Letter
High School Annual Education Report

Oakridge Fusion
17-18 Fusion Cover Letter
Fusion Annual Education Report

Oakridge Middle School
17-18 Middle School Cover Letter
Middle School Annual Education Report

Oakridge Upper Elementary
17-18 Upper Elementary Cover Letter
Upper Elementary Annual Education Report

Oakridge Lower Elementary
17-18 Lower Elementary Cover Letter
Lower Elementary Annual Education Report