Technology Services Department

The Oakridge Technology Services Department is provided by the Ottawa Area Information Technology Consortium (OAITC).  Through regional collaboration, it promotes and facilitates the effective and efficient use of technology for instruction and administration throughout the OAITC local school districts of Oakridge, Hamilton, Holland, Spring Lake, Saugatuck, and the Ottawa Area ISD.

Technology Vision

Oakridge Public Schools will integrate a technology-rich environment that transparently accelerates learning, enabling our students to flourish in a competitive global economy.


Belief Statement

  1. We believe that technology is for everyone everywhere.
  2. We believe that Oakridge Public Schools should target cost-effective financial resources that will have the highest impact on student achievement.
  3. We believe effective use of technology enhances and accelerates student learning and achievement.
  4. We believe that professional development will continue to be an essential part of our technology plan in order to keep current with the emerging technological trends.
  5. We believe technology literate citizens have an advantage in existing and emerging career opportunities.
  6. We believe that Oakridge Public Schools should ensure all students have equal access to relevant and current technology tools for learning.
  7. We believe technology provides the means of efficiently evaluating and improving our instructional delivery program, student performance, and support services.