For Parents

Student Registration/Enrollment

We are excited that you have chosen to enroll your child at Oakridge Public Schools.  We are proud of the educational experiences that we can offer your child.  We are seeing unprecedented growth in enrollment and student achievement and we’re thrilled to have your child be a part that success.

Online Registration Process

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Required Documentation

Parents/guardians must provide documentation for proof of residency, your child’s birth certificate, immunization records, current IEP (if applicable for SE services) and unofficial transcript of grades (for HS students) upon enrollment.

Proof of Residency

The school district requires proof of residency upon registration of a child.  The following documents are acceptable as proof of residency if the document contains the name of at least one parent or guardian and an address located within the school district boundaries:

  1. Voter registration card
  2. Mortgage document including street address of property and purchaser(s) name(s)
  3. Property deed including street address of property and purchaser(s) name(s)
  4. Current property tax bill
  5. Current utility bill (gas or electric)
  6. Current rental/lease agreement. Handwritten documents will require a landlord statement (see building office secretary for form)
  7. Notarized Residency Affidavit from homeowner with whom parent(s) and student(s) reside. Homeowner will be required to provide one of the above documents along with his/her driver’s license.
  8. Court orders or placement papers

NOTE: Notary services are provided at every building office.

Birth Certificate Requirement

Michigan’s Missing Children’s Act, MCL 380.1135 of the Revised School Code, requires that a person enrolling a pupil in school provide the school district with a certified copy of the pupil’s birth certificate within 30 days. The law further states that if a person enrolling a student fails to comply with the law, the school district is bound by law to notify the local law enforcement agency for investigation. Please assist us in making certain that your child is fully protected by returning a certified copy of his or her birth certificate to the appropriate school office within 30 days of enrolling your child.

Other Forms and Information

Food Service Application

Frequently Asked Questions for Meals Application

Volunteer Form

Medication Policy

Over-the-Counter Medication Form

Prescribed Medication Form


There may be other forms that are building or program specific.  These will be given to you upon registration at the school.