For Parents

Sex Education Advisory Board

Per board policy 2414, the Sex Education Advisory Board (SEAB) has been established to ensure the effective participation of parents and community groups in the design and implementation of this program area. The goal of the Oakridge Sex Education Advisory Board is to reduce the rates of sex, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases amongst our youth.

Please visit the Michigan Department of Education’s website for Health Education for more information.

Parent Complaint

If a parent or legal guardian of a pupil enrolled in a district or intermediate district believes that the district has violated the revised school code, MCL 380.1169, 380.1506, and 380.1507, he or she may file a complaint with the superintendent.


SEAB Supervisor

  • Gina Doney – Oakridge Health Instructor

SEAB Administrative Coordinator

  • Pollie Gilchrist, Oakridge Director of Academic Programs


For further information, please consult board policy on our website or contact our Academic Program office at 788-7111