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Oakridge Public School Releases High School M-STEP & SAT Test Scores, Sees Academic Improvements

Oakridge Public Schools, along with schools across the state of Michigan, have released results from the 11th grade Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) conducted last spring.  Test scores are available to the public at mischooldata.org.

“We continue to see significant improvements in our students’ academic proficiency levels in the high school,” says Superintendent Tom Livezey. “We are certainly proud of the efforts of our teachers and staff to create a successful learning environment for our students.”

Spring 2017 – SAT and MSTEP Results Summary






Social Studies





Exceeded Muskegon County Average by 18% points.  Ranked #1 in County.  42 more students proficient than 2 years prior (45% point increase).






Exceeded Muskegon County Average by 9% points.  25 more students proficient than 2 years prior (27% point increase).





5% point increase from prior year.

Evidence Based Reading/Writing SAT




Exceeded Muskegon County average by 4% points.

“Every department at our high school either exceeded the Muskegon County average or saw growth in student proficiency levels.  Our Science and Social Studies departments experienced remarkable growth of 25% to 45% points respectively from two years prior.  That is amazing!  Kudos to all our teachers and the students for such positive results,” says Livezey.

Livezey not only attributed these gains to teachers’ efforts but also to quality leadership from the Middle/High School Principal, Jason McVoy, and the Director of Academic Programs, Pollie Gilchrist, who said, “Our time and effort invested in Professional Development opportunities as well as quality instructional resources for our classrooms is paying off.  We have the right people and the best tools in place to continue to take steps in the right direction!”

To continue the support of academic achievements, the Board of Education recently approved a significant investment to launch a Digital Learning Program this fall, in which every middle and high school student will be assigned a Chromebook (laptop computer) to use throughout the school year.  Another change to further support professional growth of Oakridge teachers will be Late Start Tuesdays.  Every Tuesday (with the exception of June 12, 2018), classes will begin one hour later than normal for students to allow teachers time to prepare quality learning experiences, learn new tools/resources, and improve instructional practices.

“At Oakridge, we are committed to preparing every student for college and workplace success,” says Livezey. “Keeping kids safe, healthy, engaged, supported, and challenged is a strong focus to improve student learning. We’re thrilled that all students K-12 will have access to the Oakridge Teen Health Center this year for dental, medical, and mental health services.  We will also be expanding our universal free breakfast program to all students K-12 every school day this year.  Healthy students learn better!  All of these efforts will make a positive impact on our students’ success.  We are very proud!”

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