2017 OHS Track Schedule

Why Track and Field?

Track and Field is one of the best sports an athlete can take part in and there is SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! No, really! Track gives athletes the opportunity to perform in a wide variety of events- long and short distance running, throwing,jumping, and hurdling. Each and every member of the team contributes to the whole team by performing their own unique talents. And, even though track is a team sport, athletes have the ability to excel at their own event/s on an individual level. Each athlete’s individual success truly depends on the amount of hard work and dedication each athlete personally choose to put forth, unlike other team sports where the athletes’ success, as far as wins and losses, depends on the overall success of the team. This is not to say that the overall success of the team is not important, because it most definitely is.The success of the team depends on the amount of effort each athlete gives and on their ability to support and cheer on their teammates! Again, track and field is a fun and exciting sport that everyone can participate in.

MLIVE Boys Track

MLIVE Girls Track

MHSAA Boys Track and Field


MHSAA Girls Track and Field