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Awards & Recognition

Oakridge High School honors 9th – 12th grade students each month for their behavior, citizenship, academics, and attendance. These students represent Oakridge High School and our community. Their efforts are endless and accomplishments are noticed.

OHS Students of the Month

Congratulations to all students who were nominated for the October Student of the Month!

9th Grade:  Ethan Bourne, Ryan Cribbins, David Utzinger, Carlitta Villalpando &  Zoe Semelbauer

10th Grade:  Nyome Berry, Ethan Jozsa, Garrett Wever, Ema Leigh Bitson & Teresa Leak

11th Grade:  Christian Welborn, Jennifer Stovall, Soley Seewald, Hayden Hines, MacKenzie Conran, Colton Crandall, Emma Fri, Riann Fri, Annmarie Santos, Stephanie Mueller, & McKensi Stein

12th Grade:  Luke Schaub, Syanne Brownlee, Jade Treptow, Taryn Thompson, Hannah Morey & Jaxon Pego

October Students of the Month!

9th grade: Zoe Semelbauer

10th grade: Ethan Jozsa

11th grade: Christian Welborn

12th grade: Tayrn Thompson