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February Friendship Fun

Attention all O.L.E. students.  You are invited to participate in a schoolwide challenge.  Use conversation hearts to create a friendly message to the person of your choice.  This could be a friend at school, your whole class, a family member, or even a teacher.

You can create a letter, a poem, a joke, a song, or any other written form of communication.  Use as many candy hearts as you can, and fill in the blanks with other words you write so that your message makes sense.

You can use any type or size of material to create your message – paper, cardboard, poster board, etc.  But the only things you can put on your message are candy hearts and written words.

Valentines Candy Hearts

Bring your finished project to your teacher at school by Monday, February 12 to have the chance to win a special prize.  All completed projects will be displayed at school for everyone to enjoy.  There will be one prize for each grade level.  Winners will be selected after school on Monday so prizes can be awarded by Valentine’s Day.

This is meant to be a fun family project, so parents are encouraged to participate with your child or children.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Doriot (788-7678) or Mrs. Johnson (788-7676).

We can’t wait to see how creative the students at O.L.E. can be!


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