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Kickoff to Kindergarten (Info & Dates)

Entering Kindergarten is a major milestone in the lives of children and families. Children and their parents encounter new relationships, roles, cultures, opportunities and responsibilities. Our goal at Oakridge Public Schools is to create a transition team comprised of parents, teachers, administrators and school staff that exists to prepare every student, within a safe and healthy environment, with a globally competitive education focused on college preparation, workplace success, and lifelong learning.

A downloadable pdf of the following information is available to print: Kickoff to Kindergarten Information Sheet


Important Dates

Starting Feb. 20th Registration Packets: Parents can pick up registration packets from the OLE Office and return the completed packet PRIOR to March 28th (if possible).
March 28th,
6:30pm at OLE
Kindergarten Round-Up: Parents can come and meet our Kindergarten team. We will have transportation, food service, and our Kindergarten team available to answer any questions you may have. Learn about Kinder-Camp!
May 16th,
9:00 – 11:00 am
Step-Up to the Next Grade Day: Preschool students will visit the Kindergarten classrooms.
June 14-15 Kindergarten Assessments: for non-preschool students (only).
June 27 – August 16 During Summer Vacation: Enrollment packets will be available at the High School Counseling Office (5493 Hall Road), Please call 788-7325 if you have any questions about enrollment during summer break.
August 23, 9:00 – 12:00 Kinder-Camp: All incoming Kindergarten students can come to school to experience school activities, take a bus ride, practice lunchroom procedures, play on the playground, meet Buzzy the Bee, meet their teacher, and meet their Principal.


Important Contact Information

Oakridge Lower Elementary Main Office (231) 788-7600
Principal Joey Bennink (231) 788-7608
Family Engagement Coordinator Angie Ogden (231) 788-7618
Secretary Mandi Barber (231) 788-7602
Secretary Amy Latsch  (231) 788-7601

Muskegon Area Promise

Start Kindergarten with the Promise of a FREE 2-year college scholarship! Learn more at www.muskegonareapromise.org

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