Our School

Counseling Office

Sarah O’Brien, Counselor
Grades 7-8
Phone: 788-7406

Hello and welcome to the Oakridge Middle School Counseling Office website! My name is Mrs. O’Brien and I am the school counselor for OMS. I work with students in the classroom, in small groups, and individually on academic, career, and personal development.

If you have any questions or need to contact me, you may do so by phone, e-mail, or by setting up an appointment.

What are some reasons my child would see the counselor?
Academic concerns or questions,  Educational or career planning, Personal or family concerns

How does my child see the counselor?
Sign up in the main office, Parent referral, Teacher referral, Administrative referral

Attendance Policy


Regular and prompt attendance is essential for success in school and to build the kind of record required by colleges and employers. School law of the State of Michigan requires a student to attend regularly. Frequent absence leads to lack of interest, effort, and often failure. It is virtually impossible to makeup a missed class experience. Both students and parents share the responsibility for regular and prompt attendance, and for completing make-up work on time.



Any student leaving the building, for any reason, including illness, should first receive permission from the office before leaving. He/she should then sign out in the office, signing in again if returning the same day. Those students who sign out must have parents call or the absence will be unexcused. Students are not allowed to leave the building between classes.

1.         Absences will be excused for school related issues, personal or family illness, funeral, doctor or dental appointments (with slip), court, or extenuating circumstances which cannot be avoided.

2.        Five days for hunting or family vacation(s) In order to receive an excused absence, a student must:

a.         Notify the office in writing of intended day(s) to be absent at least a week ahead of time.

b.        Pick up a form from the office and take it home and have parents fill in the dates to be absent and sign it. Bring the form back to school and have all teachers sign it. Turn the completed form into the office BEFORE leaving on vacation.

3.        Teachers will supply makeup work for excused absences. However, it is the student’s responsibiity to complete all make-up assignments.

4.        If an excuse is not received within 48 hours after an absence, the absence will be considered unexcused

5.        Students will be given credit for make-up work, which is turned in within the following time schedule:

1 day absence – 2 days to turn in work

2 days absence – 4 days to turn in work

3 days absence – 6 days to turn in work

4 days absence – 8 days to turn in work

5 days absence – 10 days to turn in work


All absences not defined in the above policy will be considered unexcused. The middle school principal will have sole discretion to determine the appropriate consequences of any unusual lack of attendance on the part of the student body. Students participating in an unauthorized skip day may be suspended up to 10 days.