Our School

Oakridge Middle School Student Expectations
1. Please be in your seats before the bell finishes ringing and be prepared to begin class.
2.  Please bring all necessary materials to class.  This includes a writing utensil, paper, folders, your textbook, student planners, and any other supplies required for that day’s class.
3.  Please have all assignments and homework prepared to the best of your ability and be ready to turn them in on the due date.  Participate and ask appropriate questions in class when necessary.
4.  Please listen and respect your classmates as well as yourself; maintain a friendly and courteous attitude towards yourself, your classmates, your teachers, and those around you.
5.  Students should strive to maintain a positive attituded at all times and be prepared to accept responsibility and the consequences for their actions.
6.  Please follow all written and verbal guidlines, procedures, and instructions while in class.  Do not do anything to interrupt the learning process.