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Mr. Bassett

Hello! Welcome to Mr. Bassett’s groovy web site.


Name: Steve Bassett
Email Address:
Phone number: 788-7400

My name is Mr. Bassett. I teach 7th and 8th grade
Technology and Woodshop.

I’m excited about teaching computers. Students are always eager to learn more about technology and so am I. Those of us from the “Stone-Age” still have a lot to learn. What’s really cool is that I get to learn from my students every day too. We’ll be practicing keyboarding skills, publishing documents, Power Point presentations, word processing, Excel, etc.

Wood shop is a blast. We first learn mechanical drafting and then how to safely use hand and power tools. After that,……………….PROJECTS! Students make one small required project, and then get a choice of larger projects to build. After completing this class you will probably be able to start your own home improvement show on TV and make millions of dollars (which, of course, you’ll want to share with your shop teacher). 🙂

My Family:

I have a wife and two boys (Jarrett and Cole). As you can see, I’m the only “normal” one in the family.