Our District

Mission, Vision, Beliefs

Our Mission
The community of Oakridge Public Schools exists to prepare every student, within a safe and healthy environment, with a globally competitive education focused on college preparation, workplace success, and lifelong learning.
Empowering the whole child to achieve college and workplace success while embracing family and community values
Belief Statements
In support of our vision and mission , we, Oakridge Public Schools, believe:
  1. All students are capable of college, post-secondary advanced training, and workplace success.
  2. A globally competitive and relevant education is the foundation for lifelong learning.
  3. Community and family engagement are vital for optimal student learning.
  4. Our community, schools, educators, families, and students have unique strengths and challenges, and have a role to play in ensuring that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.
  5. Personal integrity, tolerance, cultural diversity, mutual respect, work ethic, cooperation, and self-motivation must be embraced as we pursue academic excellence and prepare the whole child for lifelong learning.
  6. Students must practice creativity, problem solving, and higher-level thinking skills while being encouraged to apply these skills beyond the classroom.
  7. Technologically literate citizens who have equal access to 21st century technological tools for learning have an advantage in existing and emerging career opportunities unbound by time, place, or distance.
  8. A data-informed, positive culture focused on continuous improvement, professional dialogue, improved instructional practice, and high expectations is essential to learning.
  9. Accountable and optimistic leadership from the board room to the classroom and throughout our community is essential to bring our mission and vision to fruition.
  10. Parents are engaged and empowered through education, motivation and overall connection to the educational process.