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Oakridge Public Schools Releases M-STEP Test Scores, Sees Academic Improvements

Oakridge Public Schools, along with schools across the state of Michigan, is proud to release results from the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) conducted last spring. Test scores are available to the public at mischooldata.org.

“In the past two years, we have seen significant improvements in our students’ academic proficiency levels in Math and English Language Arts (ELA),” says Superintendent Tom Livezey. “We are certainly proud of the efforts of our teachers and staff to create a successful learning environment for our students.”

Last spring, 942 Oakridge students were tested in grades 3-8 on the M-Step Math assessment and 362 students were proficient, approximately 28.9% of those tested.  This is an increase of 31 more students proficient in Math from the prior year, and 8.4% points up from 2 years prior.

A total of 940 Oakridge students were tested in grades 3-8 on the M-Step ELA assessment and 272 students were proficient, approximately 38.7% of those tested.  This is an increase of 30 more students over the prior year, and 7.2% points up from 2 years prior.

“It’s an exciting time here at Oakridge!” says Pollie Gilchrist, Director of Academics for the school district. “We have invested in our teachers, offering them Professional Development opportunities as well as quality instructional resources for their classrooms. Children seemed to really respond well to our Reading Millionaires Club, where we rewarded students that accomplished different levels of quality reading. Technology investments for our middle school and high school students allow us to provide graphing calculators and ChromeBooks to every student at Oakridge. We have the right people and the best tools in place to continue to take steps in the right direction.”

To continue on in efforts to build academic achievements at Oakridge Public Schools, the Board of Education recently approved a significant investment to enhance alignment and articulated curriculum resources.  Resources like ReadyGen will be introduced to Oakridge students this coming Fall.  An additional change to Oakridge Public Schools will be Late Start Tuesdays. Every Tuesday (with the exception of June 12, 2018) classes will begin one hour later than normal to allow Oakridge Teachers time each week for professional development to improve instructional practices.

“At Oakridge, we are committed to preparing every child for college and workplace success,” says Livezey. “Keeping kids safe, healthy, engaged, supported, and challenged is a strong focus to improve our learning environments. Students now have access to the Oakridge Teen Health Center.  We partner with other community services to help kids and families.  And, we will be offering all students K-12 free breakfast every school day this year.  All of these efforts will make a positive impact on our students’ success.  We are very, very proud!”

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