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Weekly Recap from Mrs. Cantu

Dear OUE F.A.M.I.L.Y.

I am so impressed with our kids and their commitment to others. Over the past few weeks our kids have worked to serve others either through sending care packages overseas, raising money through Candy Gram sales to buy toys for Toys for Tots, or raising money through a Hat Day to send to the relief effort in California fighting awful wildfires. We know there is a lot of need right here in our community, so it makes it extra special to see our students looking outside themselves for ways to help others.
  Candy Grams Candy Grams Candy Grams Candy Grams
Students sold 1,700 Candy Grams to raise money to purchase toys for the Toys for Tots drive at the Middle School
As we gear up for this last week before break, I would like to encourage you to remind your kiddos that this last week is still for learning and growing. We want them to have fun while they’re here, but we still have work to accomplish. This time of year can be stressful on adults, but it is also super stressful for kids. As much as kids say they are looking forward to a break (aren’t we all?), they also know deep down that they function so much better with routine.  You can help us by attempting to keep the next week’s routine as normal as possible. With all of the goodies around and the holiday spirit abound, it might be tempting to allow them to have that frosted sugar cookie for breakfast. A healthy breakfast, either at home or at school will help to set your child up for a better morning. Help them arrive at the bus stop or to school on time so they aren’t scrambling in the morning, and continue to read together each night as a part of your daily homework routine.
Stay warm this weekend!

Cathy Cantu, Principal
Oakridge Upper Elementary
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