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Weekly Letter from Mrs. Cantu: Pick-Up/Drop-Off


Student safety remains a top priority at OUE.  Currently, we’ve been focused on improving traffic flow for parents who drop-off and pick-up their kids.  As parents experience daily, we lack sufficient parking resulting in congestion and the undesirable use of Wolf Lake Road.  With the help of our local sheriff’s department, Mr. Livezey and I have been working on adjusting procedures in a manner that is safest for kids.
We want to send a special thank you to Ms. Melanie Wymer for volunteering to be outside every day after school donning a bright orange vest and stop sign to help walk students across Wolf Lake Road to get to their parents’ cars. While we prefer to have parents come to the front of the school and escort their child across the road, we appreciate Ms. Wymer’s help.  We also want to say thank you to everyone for your continued cooperation and patience as we work on these issues. It is already improving.  More signage is coming that will help in directing you to where you can park, where you can wait, and where you must drive through.  Please see this link to a graphic describing how we are instructing students to walk and traffic to flow.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me either via email or by calling the office. We truly appreciate all of your support as we work through our safest options for kids.
Cathy Cantu
Principal, Oakridge Upper Elementary
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