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“My Best Day”…a Letter from Mrs. Cantu


As some of you may know, Oakridge Public Schools has begun working on updating their Strategic Plan. Over the last two weeks the Board of Education and the Administrative Team have been in what is called the “Listen and Learn” phase of planning. We have heard from senior citizens, community members, students, parents, staff, and administration. One question that was posed to the teacher group last night has really stuck with me and I have been thinking about it myself: describe your “best day ever” as a teacher.
Today was my BEST DAY at Oakridge Upper Elementary. All grade levels participated. Our kids were engaged and they WROTE! They wanted to be heard! They stood in front of their peers and read their poetry. Some of it was silly, but you would have been amazed at how many of them wrote from their heart. In the almost-year that I have been here, I have not felt this kind of overwhelming positive energy. What a great day.
Poetry Day Poetry Day Poetry Day Poetry Day Poetry Day Poetry Day

Enjoy your weekend!

Cathy Cantu, Principal
Oakridge Upper Elementary


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