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2018/19 Student Ambassadors Named

Student Ambassadors are a teacher nominated honor. At the end of the year, each teacher gets to nominate two students from their class who’ve exhibited leadership qualities (i.e. pride in work, integrity, respect, good listening skills, responsibility, initiative, team player etc.) and who have proven to be positive role models to their peers by treating others with kindness!

Please help us in congratulating the following students selected to be OUE Ambassadors in the 2018/19 school year: Caleb Forward, Kaylee Smith, Jayson Hanlon, Serayna Decker, Leah Houseman, Boaz Leiter, Gavin Miklosovic, Ayanna Pruett, Alison Masterman, Ella Sparks, Landon Veldman, Alayna Weiss, Zac Cribbins, Abby Brentana, Mariya DeWeerdt, Zack Lockhart, Joslyn Giddings, Logan Brayley, Keishla Rosa, Morgan Peterson, Cameron Meara, Emerson Whipple, Cole Posthumus, and Savanna Foster.

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