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The Bandage Project and How YOU Can Help

Dear Oakridge Families,

Every teacher has a love for helping others. The teachers and students at Oakridge often go far beyond the ‘usual’ level of care.
Oakridge Upper Elementary has been invited to join the ‘40 School Challenge’ by The Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. It’s kind of a BIG deal!

Our goal is to raise 10,000 bandages/band-aids as a school. Each bandage will help to represent the nearly 1.4 million children that perished in the Holocaust of World War 2.

Oakridge is very enthusiastic about the idea of community, acceptance, and tolerance for all kids, and our participation in this project will build on our positive school environment.

  1. WHEN we collect 10,000 bandages, ‘Oakridge Upper Elementary’ will be added to a permanent display in the Los Angeles Museum as a supporter of this project. How will we raise this amount of bandages?
  2. Purchase ANY size band-aids; regular or decorative
  3. Please give them to an OUE Teacher or the OUE Office
  4. Ms. Fairweather will collect all of the bandages, and mail these onward to the project coordinator in Los Angeles.
  5. Your hearts grow a size larger:).

THANK YOU so much to Mrs. Cantu for finding this project for Mrs. Fairweather and our OUE Family to participate in! One box of band-aids has a huge message! Any questions? Contact me at jfairwea@oakridgeschools.org.

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