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Weekly Newsletter from Principal Cantu

Each week OUE Principal Cantu publishes a school newsletter with important dates, information and upcoming events. Here are the most recent newsletters for the 2017/18 school year:

OUE Weekly Newsletter_Sept 22
OUE Weekly Newsletter_Sept 15

Monthly Newsletters for OUE

October 2017 Monthly Newsletter
September 2017 Monthly Newsletter

Home & School and Math & Science Newsletter

Oakridge Public Schools wants to be sure to provide you with several resources to stay connected to your child’s education.  As part of our strategic efforts to strengthen family and community engagement each month Oakridge Public Schools will provide a two complimentary newsletters called “Home and School Connection” and “Math+Science Connection”.   The newsletters are filled with activities for families on how to improve school success, ideas on how to nurture a child’s wonder and excitement, simple learning activities, and even some occasional recipes you can do together as a family.

September, 2017 Issues: Home and School_September 2017 and Math_Sept 2017 (beginner) or Math_Sept 2017 (intermediate)