Wellness Network

Oakridge Teen Health Center​

The Oakridge Teen Health Center is part of the Oakridge Community School Wellness Network.  Download a comprehensive brochure here.

We are so fortunate to have this resource in our schools.  Legislators, business leaders, community leaders, staff and students have all walked through the Oakridge Teen Health Center and are amazed at the quality of the facility and staff.​  We are also fortunate to be partnered with Hackley Community Care who operates the Oakridge Teen Health Center.  Our students will be healthier learners because of this service!


  • Oakridge Middle School internal entrance room #14.
  • External entrance from the parking lot through entrance #6.


  • 5 days per week
  • Exclusive to 10-21 year olds during school day
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 to 4:30
  • Wednesday from 10 to 4:30
  • They are closed everyday for lunch from 12:30 to 1:00
  • ​After 3PM​,​ children ages 5 to 21 can access the Teen Health Center.
  • The Oakridge Teen Health Center is focusing on children and adolescents and continually assessing the needs of the community regarding increasing access to those outside of these age ranges.

Phone number


HIPPA notice

The Oakridge Teen Health Center has to abide by all HIPAA laws for privacy and can not tell school staff why a child has accessed their facility. Health records are not given to school staff without appropriate releases signed by a parent.

Parent consent

​The ​Oakridge Teen Health Center can see children for sickness or acute illness without ​parents present as long as there is a signed consent on file. ​The Teen Health Center can see them only once with ​parent verbal permission. This permission can be given over the phone to the Teen Health Center staff​. School staff cannot assist ​parents with this​. Parents will need to call the Teen Health Center​ themselves​.


The ​Oakridge Teen Health Center can give immunizations but need a separate consent signed for this.

​Medical home

The ​Oakridge Teen Health Center will not ​”​take over care​”​ ​routinely provided by their Primary Care Physician unless the parent wants ​the Teen Health Center to be their child’s “medical home”.

Copays and insurance

The Oakridge Teen Health Center has a grant to cover copays for children ages 10-21. They will ​accept all types of insurance​. If ​families don’t have insurance​,​ the​ Teen Health Center​ can help ​them obtain it.

Services ​

The ​Oakridge Teen Health Center providing primary medical services, behavioral health counseling, and dental health services.


Donors & Art of the Heart

The Advanced Art Students at Oakridge High School were invited to create a collaborative mural in ceramics for the new Teen Health Center. Twenty six students created a variety of themed human-like hearts with clay and glaze with some mixed media accents. Along with their teacher’s three sample hearts a total of 29 hearts are in the installation honoring donor’s contributions for the center.  The Grand Opening on January 13th, 2016 displayed the collaborative installation to the community and the artists.  The Oakridge Teen Health Center would not be possible without our generous donors.  We are very fortunate to have these donors partner with Oakridge and Hackley Community Care to make this health center happen for kids.  Check out our High School Art of the Heart project commemorating our appreciation for our donors.

teen health center donors