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Adjustment to Secondary Learning Model

Tonight, the Board of Education called a special board meeting to review all COVID-19 data and student attendance rates.  Kathy Moore, Public Health Officer from Public Health Muskegon County, also attended to provide expert public health guidance.  After two hours of deliberation and consideration, the Board unanimously voted to make an adjustment for secondary students.  

Effective Monday, April 26, Oakridge Middle School and Oakridge High School (including FUSION) will transition to a daily 1 hour early release.  Said another way, secondary students will be released at 1:43pm every day.  School will begin at 7:43am every day (no more late start Wednesdays).  This change to the secondary schedule does not impact OOLA students in any way.  

The Board deliberated primarily on whether secondary students should go remote, stay the course, or make other adjustments.  A major concern is our close contact quarantine rates added to our absent rate is causing higher volume preparation and communication for our staff.  Balancing the needs of our educators with the needs of our families and students was a key part of the conversation.  Frankly, there are not any good options.  But, we need to prepare the best learning experiences possible and assist teachers with accommodating students who are absent.  This imperfect plan aims to do just that.  

While tonight’s Board meeting was primarily to discuss the COVID-19 rates and Learning Model of our secondary grades, we are monitoring elementary grades.  But, we realize that elementary kids cannot stay home alone like secondary students.  At this time, there are no changes to announce for elementary grades.  

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