Our District

Oakridge Stays the Course

Today, the Governor made a recommendation pertaining to high schools transitioning to remote learning statewide next week. This was not an order nor a mandate. She allowed that decision to be made by local districts. As such, Oakridge will maintain our recent board-approved learning models of full-time in-person learning for all grades except students enrolled in OOLA (Oakridge Online Learning Academy), who will maintain their remote learning.

All Oakridge employees who wanted to be vaccinated have been fully vaccinated. In the last 30 days, we have had 3 Oakridge Middle/High School students test positive. COVID transmission did not occur at school. Furthermore, we are antigen testing all athletes per MHSAA and MDHHS guidelines. We will also maintain our districtwide mitigation strategies of masking, surface cleaning, handwashing, contact tracing, and quarantining when necessary. We will social distance to the extent possible and cohort our elementary classrooms. And, finally, we will continuously monitor the effectiveness of our mitigation strategies and respond accordingly.

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