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Secondary Students Move to Full Time In-Person Learning

I struggle to fully express how thankful I am to have a community as supportive and collaborative as the Oakridge community has proven to be time and time again. The pandemic has taken many things away from students and families the last year.  But, even the darkest clouds have a silver lining.  I’m not seeing anyone point fingers or place blame on anything other than COVID-19 itself.  We are all, from parents, community members, and staff, collaborating and advocating for the best situation possible for our students. We’re staying focused on that goal and I hope you accept my heartfelt appreciation for your patience and grace.

That all said, tonight, the school board again deliberated for hours on how we can balance the needs of students, families, and staff during the last couple of weeks of school.  In the end, the School Board voted to return Oakridge High School (including Fusion) and Oakridge Middle School students to full-time, in-person learning beginning Monday, May 17.  This means that Wednesdays will be late start days for all students K-12.  More information will come from the building soon. 

Elementary school learning models remain unchanged.  

As promised, all students enrolled in OOLA (Oakridge Online Learning Academy) will maintain their remote learning uninterrupted for the entire second semester.

We’re almost there,

Tom Livezey



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