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Secondary Students Move to Hybrid Learning

Last night, the school board deliberated for hours on how the district should handle the number of quarantined students and associated absenteeism.  Yesterday, our secondary buildings had 26-31% of our in-person students absent due to COVID-related quarantine from being a close contact.  This rate is triple that of our elementary buildings.  Our data shows that 95% of the positive cases were contracted outside of school, which demonstrates that schools are not the primary cause of spreading COVID.  Schools may be the safest place for kids to be.  Unfortunately, the community spread of COVID and the current definition of ‘close contact’ (within 6 feet for 15 or more minutes within 24 hours regardless of mask-wearing) are not conducive to our current secondary learning model.  Unlike elementary schools, we cannot use the cohorting strategy to mitigate ‘close contacts’ with secondary students due to students switching classes.  In the end, the School Board voted unanimously to revert Oakridge High School (including Fusion) and Oakridge Middle School students to the hybrid learning model, beginning Monday, May 3.  Two days per week will be in-person, and three will be virtual based on the same cohorts as earlier this year.  See the link above for a graphic explaining the hybrid model in more detail.  More information will come from the building soon. 

Elementary schools will remain entirely in-person.  

As promised, all students enrolled in OOLA (Oakridge Online Learning Academy) will maintain their remote learning uninterrupted for the entire second semester. 

The school board will continue to monitor our data closely.  They indicated they might consider alternate approaches at elementary and/or secondary based on this data in the future.  

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