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For Staff

Mentor and Mentee Program

Experienced professionals, whether in business or in education, may serve as mentors to those who are new to the field, or who are on a career path. Although some mentor relationships just happen, many are planned. At Oakridge, our goal is to partner new teachers with master teachers who are positive role models for new educators.

For beginning teachers, the guidance and assistance provided by veteran teachers can make the difference between feeling in control and capable or feeling overwhelmed. Beginning teachers face new challenges. No matter how well prepared they may be, no matter how well versed they are in their subject matter, no matter how well they did in their “methods” classes, they face unknown students, colleagues, administrators, and parents. In addition, the school and the community are often unknowns, as are building and district procedures, policies, requirements, curriculum and so on.

Clearly, a beginning teacher has a lot to learn and a veteran teacher has a wealth of experience to offer. The Oakridge Public Schools Mentor Program is designed to pair an experienced teacher with a teacher new to the field. This helps the new teacher to function effectively, grow professionally, and face the “unknown” with confidence. The experienced teacher shares the expertise acquired during his or her career.

Click here – Mentor Handbook 2020-2021 – to download a copy of the Mentor/Mentee Handbook