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Awards & Recognition

Oakridge High School honors 9th – 12th grade students each month for their behavior, citizenship, academics, and attendance. These students represent Oakridge High School and our community. Their efforts are endless and accomplishments are noticed.

OHS Students of the Month

Congratulations to all students who were nominated for the December Student of the Month!

9th Grade: Brayden Davis, Ellie DeWitte, Keylin Hernandez-Cespedes, Anna Bushman, Dylan Baxter, Alexis Melendez, Shera’mya Briggs, Jacklyn Wei, Destyni Lane, Kaylee Hoeker, Haylee Seewald, Gage Lowry,  & Michael Thompson
10th Grade:  Laynee Hampton, Ayden Pearson, Mason Barendse, Ashton Fox, Kya Minor, Delaney Ruel, & Hunter DeLora
11th Grade:  Kuan Ju Chen, Abby Tindall, Sara Aldering, Ty Coletta, Joe Budnick, Ema Leigh Bitson, & Leah Lowry
12th Grade:  Margherita Capozzi, Autumn Langlois, Nate Fair, Macy Whipple, Paige Williamsen, Kristen Micko, & Mason Wever

Our December Students of the Month are:

9th Grade:  Kaylee Hoeker

10th Grade: Delaney Ruel

11th Grade: Joe Budnick

12th Grade: Macy Whipple


These students will be recognized with a certificate and
photos shared on social media, the district website and
on the school monitors.