Fusion High School

Oakridge Fusion High School is an alternate learning environment for our high school students.

Students who may be struggling academically or have fallen behind in credits, may be recommended for Fusion.


Fusion Staff

Mr. Brian Bennett – Administrator  

Mr. Timothy Hall – Teacher   (231) 788-7653

Mr. Andrew Kitchka – Teacher  (231) 788-7655

Mrs. Erin Silva – Counselor  (231) 788-7310

Secretary  (231) 788-7319


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Do Fusion students participate in Graduation? Fusion students have a separate graduation ceremony.

Are Fusion students published in the high school yearbook? Fusion students have their own yearbook.

Can Fusion students attend CTC? Yes

Can Fusion students attend Dances and Prom? Yes (if in good standing with grades and attendance)

What kind of Diploma do Fusion students earn? High School Diploma

Can Fusion students participate in sports? Yes (if eligible)

Do Fusion students have 6 classes like regular high school students?  Yes, but classes are held in 2 classrooms