Internal Controls

The material contained in this electronic binder has two major aims:

  1. To safeguard assets, both physical and monetary, and
  2. To ensure that the accounting records are accurate and complete.

Use of this information contained in this binder promotes better accountability and keeps errors to a minimum. Internal controls provide a system of checks and balances. These policies provide a planned and systematic way of doing business, which results in consistent, accurate and understandable data and reports.

The internal controls in this binder have been designed for the following business cycles:

  • Risk Management
  • Cash Management
  • Contracting, Procurement, Suspension and Debarment, Receiving, and Payments
  • Payroll
  • Student Activity
  • Federal Programs
    • Consolidated Application (Title 1 & Title 2)
    • Food Service
  • Fixed Assets
  • Budget Process
  • Computer Security
  • Year End Procedures
  • Debt Services
  • ARRA Funds (no longer applicable)