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The State of Michigan, under Section 21f of the State School Aid Act, has launched the choice for parents to request that their student(s), in grades 6-12, be enrolled in no more than two (2) online courses in place of a currently scheduled trimester/semester.  Enrollment in online courses under Section 21f cannot result in a course load that exceeds a full-time schedule.

Oakridge supports online learning, and as a district, we pride ourselves on forward movement on innovative uses of technology to support learning.  Our solid history of meaningful and deep learning that takes place across the district with highly qualified Oakridge teachers is noteworthy and impressive in terms of our accomplishments and student growth.  However, we encourage parents to consider carefully if a 100% online course is ideal for their child given the fact that they will be forfeiting face-to face teacher classroom instruction and support.

If your student is interested in pursuing this opportunity, please follow the steps below.

  1. Determine if your child is ready for an online learning experience
  2. Review Michigan's online course catalog offerings
  3. Meet with the school counselor to complete enrollment

If you have questions, contact your child’s counselor or the curriculum office.  Thank you!

Information and documents courtesy of Kent ISD, Hudsonville Public Schools, and Northville Community Schools

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