Carr Site Projects

North Carr School Demolition

Due to circumstances related to the pandemic, our 2019 Bond Project saw very competitive bids causing the Bond fund to be significantly under budget.  To stay aligned with the community's wishes and the ballot language, we looked back at the $30 million worth of facility needs that the 2019 Bond Steering Committee identified.  This scope was twice the $16.2 million that the steering committee actually put on the ballot.  But, we looked at those needs to select projects to fund with the newfound savings.  

While sad in a memory or historical perspective, we will be razing the North Carr School building allowing for much needed staff parking and a parent drop-off/pickup loop.  The site has already started asbestos abatement with certified contractors if you’re wondering why the plastic tubes are hanging out the windows.  The safety construction fence has been installed.  Major demolition begins the first week of May.  This project will be completed by August 22, 2022.

Secure School Buses on School Property

Funded by the Technology & Security Millage Funds, we are also securing the district's school buses onto the South Carr School (Early Childhood Center) property with new asphalt, fencing, lighting, surveillance, site work, and bus driver parking area).  This project begins in June.  This project will be completed by August 22, 2022.

Site Plan

Carr Site Plan

South Carr School Improvements

The South Carr School (Early Childhood Center) has been receiving some significant improvements from the 2019 Bond Project.  All the windows have been replaced, a new boiler installed along with new unit vents, and air conditioning was added to all classrooms.