January 12, 2023

School Board Organizes Leadership with New Board

Board Room
Board Room

On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, the Oakridge Board of Education conducted their organizational meeting.  Newly elected board members George Tindall (incumbent) and Brandon VanDonkelaar attended their first board meeting and took their ceremonial oath of office.   The Board voted to appoint Jeff Kartes as the Board President, Doug DeWitt as the Vice-President, Jeff Lohman as the Treasurer, and George Tindall as the Secretary.  Craig Scott, Tammy Stolberg, and Brandon VanDonkelaar join the leadership as trustees to round out a very collaborative and high functioning school board.    


We are very fortunate to have a close-knit and family based community.  We are equally fortunate that this community elected a school board whose focus is on our mission:

Provide students a diverse, personalized, and innovative education balanced with quality enrichment experiences in a respectful, responsible, safe, and healthy environment in partnership with community.

We don't take for granted the positive impact that a functional, civil, and supportive school board can have on our efforts to educate children.