Learning Models - Board Approved

The School Board has approved the following Learning Models for implementation K-12 during the 2020-21 school year.

Hybrid Learning Model

  • The Hybrid Learning Model will be implemented by Oakridge teachers with Oakridge created or curated content delivered partially in-person and partially remote via a Learning Management System (Schoology or Google Classroom) or paper packets in elementary and secondary buildings.
  • There will be accountable expectations balanced with appropriate compassion.
  • Students will maintain access to Oakridge Teen Health Center (telehealth).
  • Students provided a Chromebook and internet hotspot, if needed, and Oakridge remote technology support systems.
  • Severely and multiply impaired special education (SXI) students would come in person all day every day.
  • This Learning Model would follow this schedule below (in-person days are full days with breakfast/lunch provided):

Parent Choice

If a parent determines the above Learning Model does not meet their child’s needs, they may choose one of the following options regardless of what the Governor determines in the MiSafeStart phase.

Oakridge Online Learning Academy (OOLA)

  • OOLA is offered to families with students who have compromised immune systems or families who feel their kids may be safer at home.
  • OOLA will utilize purchased digital content delivered fully online but facilitated by a Michigan certified teacher.
  • Families must commit to the OOLA for a full semester with the option to change for the second semester.
  • There will be accountable expectations balanced with appropriate compassion.
  • Students will maintain access to Oakridge extra-curricular activities
  • Students will maintain access to the Oakridge Teen Health Center
  • Oakridge technology support systems will be provided
  • A Chromebook and internet hotspot will be provided if needed.
  • Graduates will be able to participate in an Oakridge graduation ceremony if graduation requirements are met.


Third-Party (Corporate) Virtual Schools

  • Families who enroll in a third-party virtual school are not Oakridge students.
  • Such students will not have access to Oakridge programs like the following: extra-curricular activities, graduation ceremonies, technology device/support, and Oakridge Wellness Network services like counselors, psychologists, and social services.
  • All students have access to the Oakridge Teen Health Center.


Learning Models Comparison